4Humanities: Advocating for the Humanities

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4Humanities is an important new initiative. From the Mission Statement:

4Humanities is both a platform and a resource for humanities advocacy. As a platform, 4Humanities stages the efforts of humanities advocates to reach out to the public. We are a combination newspaper, magazine, channel, blog, wiki, and social network. We solicit well-reasoned or creative demonstrations, examples, testimonials, arguments, opinion pieces, open letters, press releases, print posters, video “advertisements,” write-in campaigns, social-media campaigns, short films, and other innovative forms of humanities advocacy, along with accessibly-written scholarly works grounding the whole in research or reflection about the state of the humanities.

As a resource, 4Humanities provides humanities advocates with a stockpile of digital tools, collaboration methods, royalty-free designs and images, best practices, new-media expertise, and customizable newsfeeds of issues and events relevant to the state of the humanities in any local or national context. Whether humanities advocates choose to conduct their publicity on 4Humanities itself or instead through their own newsletter, Web site, blog, and so on, we want to help with the best that digital-humanities experts have to offer.


THATCamp BootCamps

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To follow up on one aspect of our discussions at the last Digital Humanities Collaboratory meeting —  the lack of oppourtunities for DH skills training — one solution might be a THATCamp BootCamp. It would be great to have, not a UofT exclusive THATCamp BootCamp, but a Toronto-area or Southern Ontario-wide BootCamp. There’s a lot a great DH-related expertise around that really needs to be shared!

CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative

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Here’s a very compelling model for grass-roots DH action: The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative, “an effort to build momentum and community around Digital Humanities practitioners at CUNY.” The Initiative’s website allows DH practioners at CUNY to learn about who else on campus is interested in DH, keeps the public informed about their activities, and offers helpful DH resources.


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