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Issues of concern for the working groups are featured in a number of Chronicle of Higher Education articles:

Jennifer Howard, “No Reviews of Digital Scholarship = No Respect” (subscription required)

Here’s a germane quotation from the above:

Brett Bobley, director of the NEH’s Office of Digital Humanities, put it like this in an e-mail to me: “In the past, an edition was judged almost entirely on the scholarship (rightly so). But in the digital realm, we also need to judge it on their digital infrastructure. Do they have useful metadata? A sustainability plan? Are they conforming with library/archive standards? Do they have an API [application programming interface] to enable others to repurpose the data or mash it up with other data? Etc. These are all important issues.”

Some responses to Howard’s piece :
Stan Katz, “Reviewing Digital Scholarship”
Alex Reid, “On Not Getting Digital Scholarship”

Marc Parry, “The Humanities Go Google”

Kelly Truong, “Scholars Compile Academic Book from Twitter and Blogs”


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