Research and the Internet

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I like the ambiguity of this cartoon. I think it sums up the dilemma we are trying to grapple with (I love the visual reductionism of the opposed images, and the stark juxtaposition of the two.)



‘The Unintended Value of the Humanities’

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An article by Stephen J. Mexal, “The Unintended Value of the Humanities” from The Chronicle Review touches upon one of the issues that Working Group proposes to discuss: What is the social value of humanities research? Mexal sees the value of humanities scholarship only manifesting itself in the long term through a series of mediations that usually end up being far removed from the scholarship itself, being filtered through university-educated people who go on to use that education in what are traditionally regarded as socially valuable ways.

But Mexal doesn’t talk about how making humanities research publically-accessible online might generate different unintended value. What kind of impact might humanities research presented to a variegated online audience have? Are there examples of this impact?

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