Townsend Humanities Lab

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The Townsend Humanities Lab (at the University of California, Berkeley) offers another model for university DH support (see the previous post on Brown’s Center for Digital Scholarship). The Townsend Humanities Lab, as it explains on the ‘About’ page of its website, is

a community-driven suite of digital tools to support interdisciplinary research and collaboration among Berkeley scholars and their affiliates.  Driven by a powerful content-management system, and hosted by new “cloud” computing services, the Lab provides project space and a suite of Web 2.0 resources to all Berkeley scholars with interests in the humanities and interpretive social sciences.

I find the ‘community-driven’ aspect of the Lab very compelling — digital humanists drive what technologies, tools and functionalities the Lab develops. The Lab also offers an excellent forum for networking, collaboration and information sharing about DH work at UofC Berkeley.

The Lab was developed and is supported by the Townsend Center for the Humanities. The question is, does one need a Humanities Centre in order to develop a Humanities Lab? Or can this kind of Lab be sponsored by a Library? The answer might be forthcoming at a DH2010 pre-conference workshop hosted by the Townsend Humanities Lab, ‘Designing a Digital Humanities Lab’.


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