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The Computer and Canadian Scholarship

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The latest issue of Digital Studies / Le champ numérique takes as its theme “The Computer and Canadian Scholarship: Recent Trends in the Humanities and Social Sciences.” The introduction by John Bonnett and Kevin Kee and the closing piece by Bonnet on High Performance Computing I think are especially relevant reading for DHC members.

The Bonnet & Key introduction contains a survey of the current Canadian DH field. I found the description of DH at UofT interesting. What strikes me is that the DH projects that are considered worthy of mention are either highly collaborative or have the potential to significantly impact on a field of scholarship or on scholarly practices generally.

The survey implies that anyone working on a DH project should look beyond the particularities of that project’s content/scope and imagine how it might contribute to a broader transformation of scholarly practices and methodologies and outputs. Collaboration and Significance (or Impact) are going to be important keywords when it comes to finding support for DH projects in the future.

Brown’s Center for Digital Scholarship

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Brown University Library recently announced the launch of its Center for Digital Scholarship on the Humanist list:

The Center’s activities and support include: education and outreach (courses, seminars, conferences), fellowships and internships, digital project development and support (including grants), consultation on external and long-term support for digital projects, a directory of projects, and a DH bibliography. UofT might consider this as a model.

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