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Pam King drew my attention to this article, which deals with DH research teams, a timely issue as we put together our DH collaboratory:

Siemens, L. “It’s a team if you use ‘reply all’: An exploration of research teams in digital humanities environments.” Literary and Linguistic Computing 24 (2009): 225-233.

On the issue of the development, maintenance and improvement of DH resources, the Spring 2009 issue of the Digital Humanities Quarterly has a Special Cluster of articles called “Done,” concerning the idea of  ‘completion’ and DH resources. If a DH resource can never be ‘done,’ this poses challenges in regards to finding resources to do the necessary work, especially when the funding model for DH is focused nearly exclusively on ‘start-up’ funding.

On a related topic, there is a call for participation in a survey called “Graceful Degradation,” a “survey of the digital humanities community — broadly conceived — on project management in times of transition and decline, and what we see as the causes and outcomes of those times”:

What happens when the funding runs out, or the original project staff move on or are replaced? What happens when intellectual property rests with a collaborator or an institution that does not wish to continue the work? How, individually and as a community, do we weather changes in technology, the patterns of academic research, the vagaries of our sponsoring institutions?


HASTAC and Humanist

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Here are two very helpful resources for keeping informed about what’s going on in Digital Humanities:

HASTAC (pronounced “haystack”), the Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Advanced Collaboratory, “a network of individuals and institutions inspired by the possibilities that new technologies offer us for shaping how we learn, teach, communicate, create, and organize our local and global communities.” (HASTAC’s new website is currently in beta, so it might be a bit buggy).

Humanist Discussion Group, “an international online seminar on humanities computing and the digital humanities.” There was an interesting discussion recently about the challanges and rewards of teaching and learning of programming by humanists.

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